Kira + Chad 4th Anniversary Session in the Dahlia Field

Kira and Chad are dear friends of mine and I was honored to shoot their 4 year anniversary session! They get dressed back up every year and get some photos done and I loved the idea of it! Kira North grows a small flower farm on my land and so we caught the very last day of the dahlias (literally!) and spent the evening romping around the field. It was SO hard not to post every single photo from this session….below are my very very favorites!

Check Kira out on insta at @nofavoritesflowers

Renee + Jeff, Ricketts Glen Camping Engagement Session

Renee and Jeff met me on a foggy evening up at Rickett’s Glen for some hiking around the falls followed by a campfire. We ran out of light, so I headed back the next morning for more photos, and it quickly became one of my favorite sessions to date. Our dogs romped around the campground and became BFFs pretty quickly. I woke up to these words from Renee after sending off her gallery and they brought me to tears:

Hey Amanda!

I just wanted to write back to tell you that we are THRILLED with our photos!  This message is a bit mushy and much, but I love this stuff!

I had very high expectations because of the fact that photography is a big hobby of mine. I had specific things I was looking for in a photographer. Found you. Talked to other photographers. And picked you as our photographer hoping you could capture those specific things I was looking for. And you exceeded my expectations!  I love photography in general, and part of is not just looking at photos and being like oh that’s nice, that’s nice, but rather analyzing photos and all the elements within a photo. I have looked through our album many times now analyzing every photo and I’m just in love.  The rawness, the quality, the grit, the way you use depth of field, the way you use lighting, your editing skills and coloring, the DETAIL SHOTSSSS!, and most of all, how beautifully you captured us, our love, our essence, our being.. doing things we love. We are so incredibly happy we chose you, got to know you that weekend, planned that weekend and followed through with it despite some setbacks!  Thanks so so so much for this shoot. It really means a lot to me and we will cherish these FOREVER!  You da best!!!


Renee and Jeff

Allison + Nick, General Potter Farm Wedding

Allison and Nick’s wedding was a story I won't soon forget, one that tugged something deep in my heart, one that reminded me of something important. An hour and a half before their wedding was to begin, we had to make the call to move the ceremony inside to the already set up cocktail space in the barn's basement. It was teeming rain and all hands were on deck to transform the dark basement into something that many would not compare to the lush outdoor creekside space they were meant to be married at.

When I went to the bridal suite to check on the bride, Allison, she looked horrified, terrified, angry, anxious - all the things I would be feeling, too. It was hard for me to communicate what I can easily say now, but I wanted to do was take her hands and assure her everything was going to be okay, that it would be beautiful no matter the location, that we would find candles and make the space magical, that in the end, it was still Nick that would be across the aisle.

And it was magical, more magical than I could have ever imagined: the rain and the soft light against the stone and the mist over the mountains. And today looking through these photos I was reminded of something so deeply important we always seem to forget: Weddings are all about aesthetic until they're not anymore. Pretty florals and stunning backdrops can only take the heart so far before they are only things.

Because when you peel back the layers, the tangible, when you undress the ceremony site and take away the beautiful tablescapes, what you have is the only thing that actually matters: two people wildly in love. And Allison and Nick could have been married atop a landfill, for their vows were handwritten and choked with tears, their commitment was grand, gravitational - you could feel it in the room.

So my advice to anyone getting married in the rain would be this: Go ahead and cry really hard about it. It certainly is a bummer; you worked hard to make that field look perfect, and frustration is certainly warranted. When you feel like you've given those feelings attention (as all feelings need), go ahead and stand up. Take a deep breath. Be like Allison and Nick: grab that dress in your fist, his hand in the other, and run like your life depends on it into the rain.