my first ever Wedding Photography Workshop is coming so soon!


let me tell you what i know to be true:


Tinkering is how I learned the camera, the editing, the way to grow flowers. Hunched over in the dimly lit lounge of a Hawaiian retreat center is how I learned the first steps of starting a business, depth of field, composition. My teacher was a woman named Karen. Our lessons were informal and accidental. I wrote everything that poured from her mouth into a rain-stained notebook, ate macadamia nut ice cream, and dreamed up my someday business to the sound of coqui frogs. I was twenty-three and had no idea what I was doing with my life. And yet I knew everything that I need to know at that time. Sort of exactly how I am today.

I teach because I love people, love their stories and their struggles. I learned in a fumbly way; there were no classrooms or books or manuals that made the light go off in my head. It was Karen in the rattan chair telling me in real words, in real time, in real human connection. It was the golden hour of light that completely made me mad-drunk with inspiration; f-stops came after that. This is how I learned. And this is how I feel moved to teach.

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