i get it, it's a big decision!

here are some questions i get asked a lot.


where are you located?

I am based out of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. It's this teeny town with a cidery and fields upon fields, and for about eight months of the year I call it my home base. I have an old farmhouse and a small flower farm and shoot about half of my work in the Central Pennsylvania area.

do you travel for weddings or other sessions?

I travel light and am probably already packed. I've been a wanderer since I graduated college in 2009, and it's an addiction I hope I'm never cured of. When I'm not in Central PA, I am on the road with my dog June, primarily in the western US. I travel frequently for weddings and elopements, and often book smaller sessions when I'm traveling. I have a killer deal on my bucket list weddings you may want to check out (as in a $4000 package in exchange for travel costs!). I post my travel dates and locations on my instagram, so keep an eye out!

Will you be the one shooting my wedding?

YES, of course! I am the artist and the principle photographer behind Amanda Nichols Photography and I am always the one behind the camera, meeting with you every step of the way, and editing your images.

do you offer a second shooter for my wedding?

Heck yes! All three of my wedding collections include a second shooter. I believe it is crucial to have a second pair of eyes there on your wedding day!

how far do you book out?

Once you've secured your venue, the next step should be (if it's super important to you!) to book your photographer. I typically book out a year and a half ahead of time. Shoot me an email to check and see if I'm available!

how do i book you?

head on over to my contact page, and after we chat about whether or not we're a good fit, my incredible assistant guru Annie will send you a digital contract and invoice. I require 50% of your wedding collection to secure the date. The other half is due no more than 30 days prior to your day.

what is your post-processing process like?

I absolutely love the editing process, and hand-edit each final image giving your gallery a true-to-life but sort of nostalgic patina unique to Amanda Nichols Photography. I stray away from super trendy editing styles and stick to a vivid, comfortable editing style reminiscent of film. 

how many images can i expect to receive for my wedding/engagement/family session/portrait?

All weddings and sessions really vary, and I never give a numerical amount. For weddings you can generally expect between 400-1,000 final images. Engagements, family sessions, and other portraits are typically around 200.

do you give raw (unedited files)?


when can i expect to receive my final gallery?

Weddings - 4-8 weeks. Every other session - 2-3 weeks.

how do i receive the final images?

All weddings and sessions are delivered via a password-protected online gallery in which you can forward to all of your friends and relatives, where they have the same rights as you for downloading images and purchasing prints. It is super user-friendly.

will my images be watermarked with your logo?

Never! You may see the images I post on my business social media are watermarked, but the images in your galleries will not have any markings on them. I do encourage my clients to either tag me or list my business in the description, as I receive 100% of my business via word of mouth and SO appreciate the share!

can i print my photos anywhere?

big, heavy sigh. this is a tough one for me. i have decided not to allow clients the right to print, and the WHY is super important that you understand. I pour an enormous amount of time into the post-processing of your images (retouching, editing in Lightroom and Photoshop, etc.) Consumer printers like Walmart, CVS and Shutterfly cannot handle the amount of editing the images have, thus turning the photo into something you might not recognize. My business name is then attached to a photo that does not accurately represent what it was intended to look like originally. Here is an amazing example of what happens when you don't print correctly: https://paintthemoon.net/2011/10/photoshop-actions-why-your-print-lab-is-so-important/

The great news is your online gallery of images is also a print store, and you (and anyone you forward the email to!) will have access to it as well! Prints are very reasonable ($6 for a 4x6, $10 for an 8x10, etc.) because I WANT you to print your images - I just want and need them to be printed correctly. You would not want to spend thousands of dollars on a professional photographer who has poured their heart and time into editing your photos, only to turn around and print them at Walmart (eeeeeeek). It simply doesn't make sense. All of my packages include a print credit of $100 or more for weddings and $50 or more for other sessions, so you already have a built-in coupon for a nice handful of prints/wall displays/albums.

Do you offer albums?

Gah, yes! I love a good wedding or session album, and believe whole-heartedly in the tangible. I offer gorgeous, handcrafted albums and more affordable signature books in a variety of sizes. All of my wedding collections include an album!

Do you shoot same sex weddings?

GOOD GRIEF, YES! And because you have to even ask that ridiculous question, I give all my same-sex wedding clients an upgraded album for the hassle of simply tryin' to marry the one you love.