i hope you're sitting with a cup of coffee, because the following images demand attentiveness.

Because these people opened up their homes to me. Their hearts. They let me have a tea party with their three year old before we even began, and let me stay long after the session was over to play on the playground at dusk.

My family sessions are different. Sure, we get you all smiling, looking at the camera. But I promise you those won't be the images you'll pull out again and again. It will be the ones like these - the mid-laughter, the baby crying and your husband kissing your tired eyes, the books in bed, the way your kid looked like your kid because she was comfortable.

My family sessions aren't for most people because they demand a certain layer of vulnerability. If you trust me, together we can put the bribery lollipops away. We can skip the neatly pressed outfits. And we can settle into the familiarity of your own lives. Because I promise you, you are already art, and this is the stuff worth remembering.

My family and newborn sessions range in price and time. Please contact me for all the details.