let's talk about engagement sessions.


And not the kind where you buy outfits you’ve never worn before and stand backlit in a field you’ve never visited in your life.

Aesthetically, yes, that would be a beautiful image, right? We’ve all seen it: cleanly pressed, color-coordinated clothing, holding hands, sunset at your spines. Stunning, for sure. But you’re not booking me to create purely aesthetically beautiful images; you’re trusting me to capture authentic, raw moments that occur not just during this engagement session, but during your everyday lives. I am not here to put you in poses you’d never naturally fall into in a setting not near and dear to your hearts; rather, you’re trusting me to witness, firsthand, your love, your messes, your favorite nook in the kitchen where you sometimes kiss, your quirky jokes and jabs and laughs.

This is not a session I create for you with outfit coordination and a pretty field. This is you in his favorite baseball tee, ratty and loved, and him in his well-worn jeans, inviting me into your home and your lives and your hearts so we can create something that reaches far, far beyond the aesthetically beautiful.

Because shouldn’t these photos choke you? Shouldn’t these be the kind your kids sift through years from now, the kind you can point to and smile, remembering that first apartment with the hand-me-down couch you hated because you were broke but young and crazy in love? Isn’t that the stuff worth remembering?