Pretty Kate

Kate is the kind of bride every photographer wants to have, and the kind of friend you should keep close. She has the gentleness of a kindergarten teacher (literally!) and a happy-go-lucky humor that scatters the wedding day stress. She begs you to take her dress to the forest to photograph, hands you a pair of worn-in Toms, casually holds up two purses, shrugs, and asks for your opinion. She knows that these are details, that the real stuff of the day is in the love and in the gathering of two families, and its there where her focus stays. This I admire greatly. She is the kind of human being you feel comfortable around almost instantly, like you two were old pals in another lifetime and she already knows your embarrassing stories and her way around your kitchen cupboards. I watch her laugh until she cries, cry until she laughs, grateful again and again for the permission to be let into these strangers' stories even for a brief moment.