june, a short film

I am a perfectionist nowhere else in my life except in my creativity. I knew I needed a jolt of inspiration in the form of a personal project a few months ago, but I feared how it would distract me from all the weddings desperate for my attention. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to finish something like this if the end product wasn't perfect. What I found instead was the most wonderful feeling of giddy excitement, euphoria, a glittering anticipation to capture my own world through my own eyes for the first time in many years. The camera is shaky. The clips are messy. What I wanted was to capture June, what it feels like for me, what the curtains look like when the wind stirs them; I wanted to see and feel the fringes of summer. And I am happy to say I am hooked. It's far from perfect, but it made - makes - me so happy, right down to my toes.