Baby Hazel, In Home Family Session, Lewisburg, PA


A lot of my newborn session clients ask me when the best time to take photos is. Because I don’t do composite shots like hands under babies chins (big eye roll over here), it doesn’t matter to me how “posable” baby is because I don’t pose the baby. I stress to my clients that the best time to do a newborn session is WHEN THEY FEEL READY TO DO A NEWBORN SESSION. Can you imagine just giving birth, feeling so overwhelmed and exhausted, and then you have to rush to get your house clean for a photographer to come over? Good grief, just typing that gives me heart palpitations! My clients tell ME when they feel ready. For some families, that’s right at a few days old. For others, they don’t feel ready for a couple of months. I think sessions come out the best when the clients feel most comfortable, as that brings out their most authentic selves.

Megan and Dan’s first baby, sweet Hazel, came into the world two months ago, and I got to meet her a couple weeks ago when I was in Lewisburg. Here are some of my favorites from our session!