2017 changes

Hello from my little attic office space, dirty iced chai on the table, rain coming down outside. It is early January, and I am feeling all the overwhelming emotions of a year ended and a new one on my lap. There have been so many moments of extra self-reflection for me in both my personal and business life, and so often I let myself become consumed with what I want to manifest and all the things I feel I didn't do good enough. Personal or business, I hope wherever you're at you'll meet your own heart with grace, talk to yourself as you would your own friend, be gentle with yourself. Be kind.

2016 was a whirlwind! It was the second year I could do this incredible work full time, which is a blessing I will never get over or under appreciate. I shot twenty-three weddings, two dozen portraits, taught three photography workshops, hired an assistant, and spoke at the LIFE Conference for prospective business school students at my alma mater, Susquehanna University.

This year, I've made some pretty exciting changes that pull my heart and my business goals a little closer together. Many of you who know me in real life, know I crave authenticity, feed on real emotion, and embrace imperfections. I want to enhance that even more in my 2017 sessions.

ok, Here's the good stuff!

1. New name!

I've changed the name! We're short and sweet now as just a.nichols. Yes, we still have the same web address and email...if that changes you'll be the first to know!


2. Bucket List Weddings

I'm a HUGE travel buff, and this year I want to add weddings in more locations for a STEEP discount...as in...FREE. Yes, you heard it right..I'll shoot your wedding for free as long as you cover travel expenses.

Here are the places on my bucket list right now:


Anywhere outside the U.S.



Tag a friend or get planning on that Icelandic elopement you know you want to do. My bags are already packed!


3. Second Shooters Galore

I've had the privilege with working with some bad ass second shooters last season, and they make my life easier and your gallery better so now three of my four wedding packages include a full day second shooter.

This means less of me trying to be in two places at once and your gallery now covering tons of other angles. Woot woot!


4. Have Camera, Will Travel

In addition to free bucket list weddings, I'm also offering a 15% discount on all packages to weddings that are outside of PA. If you're having a super cool wedding in a super cool place, I want to be there! Some examples include: Upstate NY, New England, the Pacific Northwest, the desert, Charleston, NC...the list goes on, and on, and on!

Weddings outside of PA that meet some dreaminess standards (boho, homemade, authentic, pretty florals, lacey dresses, small, etc.) and you can count me in!


5. Winter Travel

I'm hitting the road this winter and want to book some couples and families while I'm gone! If you have family or friends in these areas, send 'em my way and they'll get a steep discount on all sessions!

6. At-Home Engagements

Annddd finally, the thing that I've been dying to share the most, the biggest change of all to 2017, is my at-home engagement sessions (or couple or anniversary!).  My heart can no longer take couples to a field they've never been to before and ask them to laugh at the trees. No, I need authenticity; I need rawness. I'm coming into your homes, into your lives. You can do whatever it is you normally do together, I just want to be there to capture it. We can cook dinner and eat on the floor, dance in the living room, head out for a walk to your favorite cafe. I want to photograph the story that is uniquely yours.

All engagement sessions now include a two hour at-home engagement...1.5 hours indoors, 30 minutes outside frolicking. Read all about them in my full post here.

As always, thank you all for your continual support, references, thank you cards, sweet gifts, tears, hugs, wedding meals, electric slides, gratitude. I am living out a dream because of you.

Here's to 2017. I hope you ease yourselves into this new season, are gentle with your own hearts, and take time to chase down all those tucked away dreams!