Diana + Yshmael's Engement Session, Nay Aug Park, Scranton, PA

I first met Diana at a little coffee shop in Lewisburg where she and her mother met me to discuss my wedding photography packages. Almost instantly, we were laughing and chatting like old friends, and I had that "pefect match" kind of feeling I get when I know the bride and I would be a good fit. Which is SO important because I am literally next to the bride on her wedding day more than her husband. On any given wedding day, I am a bridesmaid, a friend, a buttonaire-attacher, a train-bustler, a wedding coordinator, and a wedding photographer. I take each of these roles very seriously. If I was lingering in the background creepily with my camera, only grabbing the shots Google's list told me to, I would not be who I am, my photographs would not be what they are, and perhaps most importantly, the relationships I form with my clients would not be what they are today.

So you can imagine my happiness when I received this email from Diana just hours after we had first met in that little coffee shop:

Hey Amanda!

It was so great to meet you today!  I completely get your style, and I am so happy to have found you! I was so apprehensive about the photography part of wedding planning, but after meeting you, I feel really at ease about it!

I am very big into sensing people's "auras" and you have a wonderful personality and a calming aura that I think will be a perfect fit for my style! This is why my mother and I do not feel any need to look any further for a photographer!  You are perfect for our wedding!  I showed my fiancé your website when I got home from my parents' this evening, and he loved your style as well and agreed you were the best choice!  We are in! : )

This, people, is why I do this. Those few lines always make all the other stuff worth it. Fast forward to a few weeks later and Diana and her wonderful fiancé Yshmael and I are laughing together as we clamber over the rocks at the beautiful Nay Aug Park. At the end of the session, if truly felt like I was just hanging out with good friends. I am so very excited for their Lewisburg wedding this June!