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Here I am, exactly and unapologetically whoever that is. In the moment this photo captures, I am freshly thirty, dusty and knee-scraped from clambering up too many rockfaces in the canyonlands of Utah. My hair is always wild. I found that bandana around my neck in a parking lot a few minutes before. I'm utterly lost, thinking way too much, and have pocketfuls of red sand I'll trek with me back across the country, because I've always been a sentimentalist.

I appear here exactly how I approach life: don't cover up the messy, embrace the raw and the real, find beauty in the everyday.  I have no interest in creating images that don't make me gasp, and I'm not here to ask you to sit or stay or to look here and smile at the camera. Life is not a positioning of the perfect, of the staging of pressed blouses and neatly manicured children on footstools, and that isn't the kind of photograph I wish to take. I want dirt on those hands. I want you to laugh, really laugh. I want a day in the life of you, unapologetic and human, because that's the good stuff, the real stuff.

general questions

Where exactly are you located? I am based out of Lewisburg, PA, however, I travel for sessions all over the country. 

Do you have a studio or office space?  I do not do indoor studio work; rather, i shoot outdoors in natural light, usually in open fields, the forest, state parks, clients' homes, and other spaces that backdrop an already candid experience. if you'd like to meet me for coffee, i'm happy to host you here in my little treehouse apartment. i have endless amounts of coffee and creamer, oversized mugs and afghans.

Do you photograph newborns or high school seniors?  Yes! My newborn and senior photography style is very candid and documentary like my wedding and portrait work. Contact me for more information.

Do you travel for sessions? Heck yes! I love to travel and am usually more than willing to hop on a plane/bus/car/leaky gondola to come to you. Reasonable travel fees apply.

What forms of payment do you take? I accept cash, check, or can invoice you online.