frequently asked questions

do you specialize in weddings? yes, yes, yes. weddings make my heart throb, and i've spent the last few years shooting them full time (20-30 per year).

should we do an engagement session? i hope so! i stress doing them for several reasons, but mostly because it gives us the chance to work together before your big day. when couples are able to see how i handle a session, how laid back and fun photos can be, they really relax (especially the guys!). engagement sessions are also an incredible opportunity to get photos together when you're in your saturday clothes, when you're in your own environment and not all dolled up. 

will you be the one shooting my wedding, or will it be someone else? it's always me. i will be the one communicating with you before your wedding, meeting you for coffee in the months beforehand, by your side during the big day, and post-processing your images in the weeks after. 

do your packages include a second shooter? yes! i feel very strongly about having a second perspective during your day, so three of my four collections include an assistant for the entire duration of your contract.

do you offer albums or books? absolutely! i also feel very passionate about seeing your photos in print, especially as stunning wall art and handcrafted artisan albums. i offer several different albums for every type of budget, and my top three wedding collections include either a layflat signature book, or handcrafted artisan album.

am i allowed to print my wedding photos with a print right? no, i reserve all print rights as the photographer. this is something that initially may turn a lot of clients away - and over time that's become OK for me. and this is why: i spend an enormous amount of time editing wedding photos. my style is rich and colorful, full of muted greens and grainy black and whites. taking those files to a consumer printer like walmart or shutterfly quite literally erases all of my hard work. you might as well have hired the $1000 photographer who barely edits and couldn't care any less about where his photos were printed. when someone like me puts a tremendous amount of love, time, and expertise into processing them, those photos are art, and they should be treated as so. i strongly believe clients should print, so that's why my print prices are affordable, and all packages include a print credit. check out this great visual that lets you see the huge differences in printing.

when will i get my wedding photos back? portraits are returned in 2 weeks. please allow up to 2-3 months for wedding photos, although you will receive a sneak peek blog post 7-10 days after the wedding which includes 50-100 photos all throughout your day...kind of like a mini gallery that will hold you over until they're all ready! i post an initial Facebook sneak the day after your wedding and will continually post updates throughout the 2-3 months as well.

do you shoot same sex weddings? i'm sad this is a question people still have to ask in 2016, but your answer is a full blown, shouting-to-the-sky YES. i love love, in all its forms, in all its messy glory, and i would be honored to add more same sex couples to my portfolio.